2018 State/Local Races

Beginning with primary season in 2018, these three bold women have the chance to turn red seats blue-- from Iowa to Florida.  Learn more and then support these bold leaders.


Dr. Kayser Enneking for Florida State Senate

Dr. Enneking is running for the Florida State Senate from the 8th District which sits in the north-central portion of the state.  Click here to see the district.  Dr. Enneking on her plan for Floridians: “The right prescription for a better life for all of us is to invest in our public schools, ensure that anyone working full-time makes enough to raise a family and to provide quality health care for all Floridians.” 


Dr. Beth Liston for Ohio State Representative

Running for State Representative in Ohio's 21st District, Dr. Liston brings leadership experience to the race.  She is a physician, professor, and health care leader who seeks to bring evidence based decision making to government. The 21st district is located in the Columbus, OH region: click here to see district.

Dr. Andy McGuire for Iowa Governor

Dr. McGuire is running to become the next Governor of the great state of Iowa. An Iowa native, Dr. McGuire lives by the creed her parents taught her: "If you see a problem, be the solution."  She is the former head of the Democratic Party of Iowa and her candidacy has been endorsed by Howard Dean.  Click here for the endorsement video.